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Program Packages and Cost

Specialist Consult

*inclusive of all taxes

Diabetes Primary Pack

For : Anyone with Diabetes wanting good control for high blood sugar

Outcome : Safe and step-wise control of high sugar and all its symptoms

Details :

  • 3 Cardio Diabetes Consults
  • Tests for the entire diabetes profile are advised and reviewed.
  • Nutrition, stress & exercise guidance
  • Personalised Digital Health Records
  • Package validity is for 3 months

*inclusive of all taxes

Prediabetes Pack

  • Exclusive one-on-one session with our certified Diabetes Educator
  • Consult with Diabetologist
  • Expert Nutritionist consultation to prevent diabetes
  • Psychologist mind-wellbeing session to sleep well, reduce stress and anxiety levels of day-to-day challenges
  • Lifestyle advice to prolong onset of diabetes
  • Digitised health records

₹3000 ₹1250
*inclusive of all taxes

Diabetes Routine Pack

For : Routine management of diabetics and delaying diabetic complications

Outcome : Early detection and remedy for diabetic complications

Details :

  • 4 Cardio Diabetes Consults
  • Treatment and detection of diabetes associated complications
  • Routine monitoring of diabetic parameters
  • Review and advise on Diabetes Profile blood tests and yearly medical check-ups.
  • Nutrition, stress & exercise guidance
  • Personalized Digital Health Records
  • Package validity is for 12 months

*inclusive of all taxes

Diabetes Secure Pack

For : Optimum Diabetes management and all its multi-organ complications

Outcome : Long and healthy life with Diabetes

Details :

  • 6 Cardio Diabetes Consults
  • Treatment and detection of all diabetes multi-organ ailments
  • Immediate consult for medical ailments
  • Review and advise on Diabetes Profile blood tests and yearly medical check-ups.
  • 3 diet and nutritional consults
  • 3 mind wellbeing psychological consult to regulate stress realted sugar levels
  • Personalized Digital Health Records
  • Package validity is for 12 months

*inclusive of all taxes

Program Designed by

Cardio-Diabetologist & Medical Director, Author of CSA Preventive Cardiology
Dr.Jayaprakash is a leading Cardio Diabetologist in Chennai. He is the doctor-on-panel for the Directorate General of Shipping, Government of India and the American Consulate in Chennai. An alumnus of JIPMER, he is one of the early practitioners in the field of Cardio-Diabetes. He has published an acclaimed scientific paper in the Indian Cardio Thoracic Journal and has authored the book “Cardiac Treadmill Testing”.
Dr.Mira Govindarajan
Cardio-Diabetologist & Consultant Internal Medicine Specialist
Dr. Mira Govindarajan, an alumnus of JIPMER, has over 2 decades of diverse experience in Non-invasive Cardiology and Diabetes management. An assessor for the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH), she has also handled ISO and JCI assessments. She is an esteemed member of the Quality Council of India (QCI) where her key focus areas are Medical audit, Quality control, Services marketing and Finance
Prof. (Dr.) S.Srividhya
Clinical Psychologist, Wellbeing expert & the soul saviour specialist
Dr. Srividhya is an Emotional Wellness Coach and has multitudes of expertise in handling various modalities of Psychotherapy and Counselling. Apart from being a Therapist and Performance Coach, she is also adjunct faculty at various colleges.
Diabetologist & Senior Family Physician
Dr.Kavitha has vast experience in managing overall health programs in premier hospitals in Chennai. She specialises in chronic disease management such as diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.
Ms. D. Mariya Jeya Rini
Diabetes Educator & Health Manager
Mariya has expertise in diabetes management, weight management, hypertension, cholesterol management and detecting clinical abnormalities. She is also competent in child nutrition and maternal health.
Ms. Monika Thiyagarajan
Clinical Nutritionist & Health Coach
Monika specialises in creating personalised wellness programs for clients. She is an expert in child nutrition, providing nutritional consultation, conducting vitals and detecting setbacks.
Ms. Keerthana Boopathi
Clinical Nutritionist & Health Coach
Keerthana specialises in detecting clinical abnormalities and providing therapeutic and nutritional counselling. She has completed her Masters in Food Science Nutrition & Dietetics and is certified in Body Composition Analysis (Medical science) and Clinical nutrition.

Multi-Organ Diabetes Treatment

Safeguard Family is India’s only health organisation that has taken the giant leap to treat CardioDiabetes.

CardioDiabetes is not ONLY sugar control but multispeciality management of all diseases and disorders of adult diabetes

Curated by eminent physicians, globally experienced in multi-organ diabetes and CardioDiabetelogists,DiabeZONE manages Diabetes and all its related multi-organ complications through specialist doctor consults, expert clinical advice, nutritional guidance and mind-wellbeing solutions to steady sugar levels caused due to stress..

It involves treatment of sugar, BP, cholesterol, thyroid, Vitamin D and calcium,cardio-vascular and all the multi-organ complications of diabetes

Why This Program?

Hi-Tech prevention and Cardio-Diabetic Complications.

Diabetes is a lot more than just sugar control. Multi organ complications due to Diabetes can affect quality of life. If left unmonitored, it could lead to severe health complications. This calls for regular monitoring and care to lead a long and healthy life.

This digital health program is “cloud-built” as a virtual clinic for anyone with Diabetes, and it can be accessed from any nook and corner of the world. Distance is no more a factor for getting good treatment of diabetes

Who Should Enrol In This Program?

  • Anyone from pre-diabetic to severe diabetic
  • Family history of diabetes
  • Persons with long-term diabetes (5+ years)
  • Uncontrolled sugar levels
  • Erratic sugar levels
  • Cardio-vascular complications with Diabetes
  • Hypertension with Diabetes

How Does This Program Work?

  • Step 1: Choose a health package
  • Step 2: Enter basic details
  • Step 3: Complete the payment
  • Step 4: Share your contact details with Customer Support team
  • Step 5: Relax. We will take care of the rest. Your personal health coach will call you for an Initial evaluation.

Program Details


Diabetes Mellitus is a common syndrome- a constellation of disorders. It is commonly understood to be an excess of blood sugar. But it actually involves inability of the body to use glucose and other related substances due to a lack of or resistance to the hormone insulin, secreted by the pancreas.

Diabetes impairs many major chemical processes in the body. The most important of these is fat and cholesterol metabolism. Blood vessels all over the body are affected by diabetes. Hence almost every organ is vulnerable to damage. (This is due to cholesterol only in the heart and brain, it is different in other organs)

Though defined as a disorder of the body’s glands and the hormone insulin-endocrine, in reality, it causes its long term effects by affecting the major and minor blood vessels. It ultimately manifests as a disorder of the heart and its blood vessels or cardiovascular system. And, in general, disorders of the smaller blood vessels are more amenable to prevention and treatment.

Thus, the term ‘Cardio Diabetes’ or diabetes involving multiple organs of the body.

Diabetes increases the risk of coronary artery disease- blockages due to fat in the blood vessels supplying the heart. Heart attacks in diabetics may be missed- entirely symptom free as the nerves supplying the heart are also affected. Further, they are more often fatal. Multiple blood vessels are often involved; which makes both angioplasty and bypass difficult and increases the risk. Poor wound healing and infection after surgery are well known.

High blood sugar levels affect the functioning of the white blood cells. Hence the body is vulnerable to infections. These are severe, hard to treat and infections caused by unusual organisms are known. Infections of the skin, kidney and urinary passages are the most common.

Diabetes affects both the larger and small vessels of the brain causing paralysis of the affected body part- stroke. Diabetics also have a greater risk for disorders of memory and understanding-dementia, which occurs with age.

By affecting the small blood vessels, diabetes affects the nerves supplying the limbs and internal organs. This causes loss of sensation- most commonly in the feet. Loss of function, vomiting diarrhea constipation, disorders of the urinary bladder, drop in blood pressure while standing and sexual disorders are also common. Hence the need for a neurological evaluation each year even if there are no symptoms.

Diabetics are at risk of depression and anxiety. There is a disorder called ‘Diabetes Distress’ as a result of coping with a chronic disease, medications, dietary restrictions and the long term effects of the disease. The empathy and support of the medical team and, if needed, the help of a clinical psychologist, can go a long way to address these!

The eyes are hit hard by uncontrolled diabetes. The good news is that disorders of the eye are almost completely preventable by correct treatment. Diabetes can cause infections of the eyelids, tear glands and inner chambers of the eye. Cataracts are far more common in Diabetics and occur at an earlier age than in others.

The Retina or the image forming the inner screen of the eye is most sensitive to high blood sugar. There may be distortions of the small blood vessels, small bleeds, infarcts, formation of new blood vessels, exudations and larger bleeds. In severe cases, Diabetes could result in total loss of vision. Hence the need for regular eye checkups even if there are no symptoms.

n addition to multiple ear infections, diabetes can cause hearing loss of hearing due to affliction of the nerves involved. Serious infections with multiple complications of the nose are known, as are frequent throat infections. A sizable number of diabetics have reduction in both smell and taste.

Diabetics are at risk of infections of the teeth, the mouth and the covering of the jaw bones. These can become severe and complicated. Diabetics have a tendency to develop cavities in the teeth – caries. Due to multiple factors, they often end up losing their teeth. The good news is that all of these are almost preventable with good diabetic care.

Skin problems are often the first sign of diabetes. Diabetics have a greater risk of skin ulcers and infections. There are classic skin lesions in diabetes manifesting as brown patches, loss of skin and fat tissue which carry specific names. Diabetes causes hair loss in patches –alopecia areata. Nails are prone to fungal infections. Problems with the nerves and blood vessels compound the risk. Loss of nails is also a possibility.

One of the dreaded complications of diabetes is the diabetic foot- ulcers in the feet which get infected along with problems in the nerve supply that may eventually penetrate into the bones; amputation may be needed.

All of this might be totally avoidable with proper care.

Diabetes is a major medical as well as social problem, aggravated by faulty diet and lifestyles. A clinical alliance or partnership between the patient, family and care team is the only way we might win this battle. We, at Diabezone, offer you the state of the art clinical care by competent and experienced specialists.

A comprehensive approach with clinical services, nutritional counselling and physical fitness training along with support by the clinical psychologist will ensure that you are taken care of entirely.

Diabetes is truly a modern day scourge. Together we are empowered to combat it! Our clinical coordinators will ensure a seamless experience. All of these services are offered online, totally eliminating the hassle of travelling and waiting.

Stay Healthy and Happy @Home.

Questions Frequently Asked By Customers?

We are an online program which is readily accessible. The ‘Diabetes’ syndrome is approached holistically thereby treating individuals in the context of their lifestyle and work demands. We do not limit ourselves to treating the blood sugar which is only a number but at the cellular level.

We combine the highest levels of clinical expertise with experience to give the individual a better quality of life. We are approaching this program as a therapeutic alliance where the patient would be an equal partner who is proactive and participating actively in the treatment.

The American Medical Association has opined that the physical examination was created hundreds of years ago to deal with acute problems. It might not have the same level of significance in the present day insofar as chronic lifestyle related problems are concerned. In India as well, the practice of telemedicine has been legally validated by the Government.

Medicine has advanced to the point where diseases are being addressed before they become symptomatic. Clinical signs only develop when the problem has become advanced!

Certainly as physicians we would like to examine the patient conventionally due to our emotional bonding but it may not be medically necessary. Adequate medical history, vital parameters and laboratory findings provide us with the information we need.

Diabetes is a multisystem syndrome affecting many major chemical reactions and every blood vessel in the body. The care of diabetes must necessarily be comprehensive and continuously designed to evaluate multiple organs and prevent or manage the disorders.

As diabetes in effect is a disorder of the heart and blood vessels or of the cardiovascular system, Cardiodiabetes represents a high degree of expertise and state of the art care.

An MBBS doctor is trained to deliver primary and acute care. They do have the expertise to deal with any ailment at a basic level but a complex syndrome like diabetes needs to be dealt with by an expert. Only then can every organ be protected and the patient have a normal lifespan and quality of life.

Second Opinion on Diabetes

Safeguard Family Assurance

  • Pause & Resume the program if going on Holidays
  • Certified and Experienced Health Coaches
  • Regular care for your parents
  • Complete remote monitoring
  • Peace of mind


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Safeguard Family Assurance

  • Pause & Resume the program if going on Holidays
  • Certified and Experienced Health Coaches
  • Regular care for your parents
  • Complete remote monitoring
  • Peace of mind


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