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Prof. (Dr.) S.Srividhya
Prof. (Dr.) S.Srividhya
Clinical Psychologist, Wellbeing expert & the soul saviour specialist
Dr. Srividhya is an eminent psychologist with a PhD in Psychology. She has multitudes of expertise in handling Learning Disabilities, Memory Development and Psycho Neurobics, Mindfulness, CBT and Counselling. She has decades of experience as a Psychotherapist and Performance Coach. She has pioneered in facilitating emotional well-being, understanding and relieving sleep disturbances and relationship counselling. A psychologist with a demonstrated history of working in emotional health care for more than a decade, she is skilled in working with children,adolescents and adults. She is also an authority in parenting management for special children.

Trained in cognitive therapies, psychotherapy,mindfulness based therapies & solution focused approaches, she is also adept in handling psychological illnesses & lifestyle disorders. She has a strong foothold in string research with experience of test administration & interpretation.

Programs Designed By Prof. (Dr.) S.Srividhya

Safeguard Family is India’s only health organisation that has taken the giant leap to treat CardioDiabetes.

CardioDiabetes is not ONLY sugar control but multispeciality management of all diseases and disorders of adult diabetes

Curated by eminent physicians, globally experienced in multi-organ diabetes and CardioDiabetelogists,DiabeZONE manages Diabetes and all its related multi-organ complications through specialist doctor consults, expert clinical advice, nutritional guidance and mind-wellbeing solutions to steady sugar levels caused due to stress.

It involves treatment of sugar, BP, cholesterol, thyroid, Vitamin D and calcium, cardio-vascular and all the multi-organ complications
Parent Good Health Program
The SGF Good Health program focuses on securing the well-being of the elderly through preventive health care, nutrition and support right in the comfort of your home.

The SafeGuard Family program guarantees that your health is well maintained through monthly home visits and periodic head-to-toe clinical examinations. Proactive doctor consultations and Health Coach visits support you in managing your existing ailments effectively.
Psychological counselling
The mental and emotional disorders are addressed through the use of evidence-based psychological techniques designed to identify the problem areas, with the goal being relief of symptoms, to bring about changes in behaviour that would lead to improved social and normal functioning, and personality growth.